Eric Mays Biography, Early Life, Family, Education, Career, Wife, Kids, Nationality, Net Worth, Wiki and Death

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Who was Eric Mays

Eric Mays (September 16, 1958 - February 24, 2024) was an American auto worker and politician who represented northwest Flint as a member of the Flint City Council from 2013 until his passing in 2024. Serving as the councilor from the city's First Ward, Mays gained notoriety for his controversial actions, including multiple suspensions and being escorted out of city council meetings during his tenure.

Eric Mays Biography, Early Life, Family, Education, Career, Wife, Kids, Nationality, Net Worth, Wiki and Death

Eric Mays is a prominent figure in Flint City politics, with over a decade of involvement in local governance. His tenure has been marked by various controversies and instances of misbehavior. He has faced legal consequences, including jail time and fines, due to his actions. Known for his abrasive demeanor, Mays has often displayed rude behavior in his professional capacity.

In a recent incident at a public meeting, Mays made a Nazi salute gesture towards the council leader, likening them to Adolf Hitler, a highly offensive action that resulted in his removal from the meeting. Additionally, Mays was involved in a physical altercation at a Flint bar with Mayor Sheldon Neely and the deputy chief of staff, further adding to his controversial reputation. Overall, Eric Mays' history in Flint City politics is characterized by a series of confrontations and controversies.

Eric Mays BiographyWiki
NameEric Mays
Date of Birth16 September 1958
Age65 Years (As of 2023)
Birth PlaceFlint, Michigan, United States
Famous AsConvicted of Disorderly
EthnicityAmerican White
SchoolLocal School in Flint, Michigan
CollegeMichigan University
Highest QualificationGraduate
Height5 feet 10 Inches (Approx.)
Weight75 KG (Approx.)
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Marital statusMarried
WifeMegan Ritchie
Father NameLouis H. Mays
Mother NameROSIE B Mays
SiblingsMalcolm Michael Mays
Net Worth$13,000 (Collected)

Early Life And Education

Eric Mays was born on September 16, 1958, in Flint, Michigan, into a Christian family of middle-class background. His late father, Louis H. Mays, served as a pastor, while his mother, Rosie B. Mays, played a significant role in his upbringing. He also has a son named Eric Mays Jr.

For his education, Mays attended Michigan State University, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in political science and pre-law in 1981. During his time at the university, he actively participated in student politics and activism, notably serving as the president of the Black Student Alliance. Mays also engaged in protests against apartheid in South Africa and nuclear weapons, demonstrating his commitment to social and political causes.

Eric is married to Megan Ritchie and is believed to have three children 

Eric Mays' Family

Eric Mays has maintained privacy regarding his family on social media platforms. However, according to available information on social media, he is married to Megan Ritchie and is believed to have three children. Despite this, Mays has not publicly disclosed the names of his parents.

It is noteworthy that any updates regarding Mays' family will be provided here if they become available in the future.

Eric Mays' Family, Eric Mays Have Three Kids 2 Daughter and One SON

Eric Mays' Net Worth

According to information gathered from social media, Eric Mays' net worth is reported to be zero. This suggests that he does not possess significant financial assets or wealth.

In order to fund his legal defense against charges he faced, Mays initiated a fundraiser and successfully collected $13,000 from supporters. This indicates that he relied on external contributions to finance his legal battle due to his financial constraints.

Controversies with Eric Mays

2016 Arrest

In January 2016, Mays was incarcerated for 30 days following allegations that he crashed his car in 2013, drove it nearly three miles, and ended up facing the wrong way on Interstate 475. Though no witnesses testified to seeing Mays driving the vehicle that night, several police officers claimed he confessed to driving drunk. Mays represented himself during the trial, questioning jurors about their beliefs in God and attempting to delay the release of Breathalyzer test results. He labeled the case as highly politically motivated.

City Laptop Scandal

On November 26, 2017, Mays pleaded no contest to allegations of pawning a city-owned laptop nine times over two years at "Music Man Pawnshop." When questioned about the scandal, Mays asserted that he did not believe it to be criminal, suggesting it merely demonstrated his financial hardship. He argued that the laptop was safer at the pawnshop due to past incidents of trespassing at city hall.

Nazi Salute Incident

In 2020, following a verbal altercation with City Council President Monica Galloway, Mays compared her to Adolf Hitler and performed a Nazi salute in mockery. Consequently, he was removed from the meeting while protesting loudly as he was escorted out by a police officer. Subsequently, Councilman Maurice Davis proposed and received approval to have Mays removed from his leadership roles.

2023 Suspension

On December 20th, 2023, Mays was suspended from the council for 90 days for making "constant frivolous motions" and using "racist rhetoric." Mays contested the allegations and expressed intentions to pursue federal legal action against the city council.

Eric Mays's Death

Eric Mays was reportedly discovered deceased in his Flint home on February 24, 2024. The City of Flint stated his passing, acknowledging his "bold and courageous service" and describing him as "beloved among his constituents in the First Ward."

What Happened to Eric Mays?

Flint City Council Tenure

Eric Mays served as a Flint City Councilman for the past decade, holding significant positions including Chairman of the Finance Committee and Vice Chairman of the Council.

Incidents of Rude Behavior

Throughout his tenure, Mays was known for displaying rude behavior while carrying out his duties.

Nazi Salute Controversy

In a recent public meeting, Mays shocked many by giving a Nazi salute to the council leader, likening him to Adolf Hitler. This action prompted the Flint City Council to vote for his removal as chairman of the finance committee and vice-chairman of the council.

Bar Fight Allegations

Mays was reportedly involved in a physical altercation with Mayor Sheldon Neely's deputy chief of staff at a Flint bar. Mays claimed the deputy chief initiated the brawl and used objectionable language, resulting in him being thrown to the ground. The incident was investigated by the Michigan State Police.

Legal Battle and GoFundMe Campaign

Following his conviction for disorderly conduct, Mays faced the prospect of a prison sentence or fine. Lacking sufficient funds for a legal defense, he launched a GoFundMe campaign which garnered support from across the country, raising over $13,000. This enabled him to fight his case.

Court Verdict

On March 10, 2023, Flint City District Court Judge Vicky Bayh-Haley found Mays guilty of disorderly conduct. He faces a potential sentence of up to 90 days in jail and a fine of $500. Expressing disappointment with the verdict, Mays maintained his innocence. The next judgment is scheduled for April 25, 2023.


Q- Who is Eric Mays?

Ans- Eric Mays is a political figure who has been involved in Flint City politics for the past 10 years. However, recently, he was found guilty of disorderly conduct and faced legal consequences, including a jail term and fines.

Q- Where is Eric Mays from?

Ans- Eric Mays is from Flint, Michigan, United States.

Q- How old is Eric Mays?

Ans- Eric Mays is 65 years old as of 2023.

Q- What is the name of Eric Mays’s wife?

Ans- Eric Mays is married to Megan Ritchie.

Q- How many children does Eric Mays have?

Ans- Eric Mays has three children.

Q- What is the nationality of Eric Mays?

Ans- Eric Mays is American.

Q- Is Eric Mays currently serving in any political positions?

Ans- As of now, there is no information available regarding Eric Mays' current political positions or involvement.

Q- What legal issues has Eric Mays faced recently?

Ans- Recently, Eric Mays was found guilty of disorderly conduct, resulting in a jail term and fines. He has also been involved in various controversies and confrontations during his political career.

Q-How did Eric Mays fund his legal defense against the disorderly conduct charges?

Ans- Eric Mays initiated a fundraiser and received support from individuals, raising $13,000 to finance his legal defense.

Q- When did Eric Mays pass away?

Ans- There is no information available regarding Eric Mays' death at this time. 

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