Seema Haider: PubG Love Story From Cross the Border

Dr.Santosh Kumar Sain

Seema Haider: PubG Love Story From Cross the Border

 Seema Haider: 

Seema Haider's journey from Pakistan to India has attracted attention due to her unique love story with Sachin, whom she met while playing the online game PUBG. However, their relationship led to legal issues, resulting in their arrest.

Arrested for Illegal Entry:

On July 4, 2019, Seema Haider (30) and Sachin (25) were arrested for their involvement in an illegal immigration case. Seema was accused of unlawfully entering India without a valid visa, while Sachin was charged with harboring an illegal immigrant.

Love Blossoming through PUBG:

Seema and Sachin's love story unfolded during the COVID-19 pandemic when they met while playing PUBG online. Their virtual connection grew stronger, and they eventually met in Nepal, where they got married.

The Challenging Journey to India:

Seema faced numerous challenges on her journey from Pakistan to India. Initially, she traveled from Karachi to Dubai and then waited for 11 hours before departing for Nepal. After reuniting with Sachin in Pokhara, she returned to Pakistan to make arrangements for her four children. Selling a plot and securing flight tickets and Nepali visas for her children, she finally reached India via Nepal.

Arrest and Future Plans:

After being arrested and spending time in jail, Seema was granted bail. She expressed her commitment to completing the necessary paperwork to formalize her stay in India.

Seema's Determination:

Seema emphasized that her decision to come to India was entirely her own, driven by her love for Sachin. She asserted that she would rather face severe consequences than return to her homeland. Seema also revealed that she had been forced into a marriage with Ghulam, her Pakistani husband, at a young age.

Husband's Appeal:

Ghulam Haider, Seema's estranged husband living in Saudi Arabia, made a plea to the Indian government through a video message. He requested assistance in bringing back his wife, expressing his willingness to reconcile and care for Seema and their children. Ghulam sought help from both the Indian and Pakistani governments and appealed to the media to facilitate the return of his family.

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