The Story of Shivani Kumari: The Poor Village Girl Who Entered Bigg Boss season 3

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Shivani Kumari is no longer a stranger to recognition. There was a time when Shivani Kumari and her family struggled even for a single meal. The youngest of four sisters in her family, Shivani Kumari lost her father when she was only one year old, leaving all the family responsibilities on the shoulders of her mother, Sunita, who worked as a midwife in a private hospital. During her school days, Shivani Kumari made a video where she was returning with slippers from the market and said, "Hello frienda." This video garnered millions of views on TikTok, and from there, Shivani Kumari's life changed. Now that Shivani Kumari has entered Bigg Boss OTT Season 3, people are even more curious to know about her. So, let’s share some various information related to her life with you.

The Story of Shivani Kumari: The Poor Village Girl Who Entered Bigg Boss

Early Life of Shivani Kumari

Shivani Kumari was born on January 21, 2002, in a small village called Ariyari in Auraiya district, which falls under Diviyapur tehsil. Shivani Kumari is currently around 22 years old. Her father's name was Shivam Kumar, and her mother's name is Rani Kumari. In her family, Shivani Kumari has three older sisters who are all married. When Shivani was just one year old, her father passed away. Shivani's childhood was spent in extreme poverty because only her mother had a modest income to support the family. Shivani Kumari completed her education at the village primary school and an intermediate college in Diviyapur. She has graduated with a degree in Commerce.

Shivani Kumari Enters Bigg Boss OTT Season 3 House

Shivani Kumari's popularity has earned her a spot in the Bigg Boss Season 3 house. On June 21, 2024, when Shivani Kumari found herself in front of Anil Kapoor, she couldn't hold back her tears. Anil Kapoor, too, was moved to tears after hearing her story. Shivani has taken soil from her village with her. Let's see how long Shivani lasts in the Bigg Boss house. However, the entry of a simple girl like Shivani into Bigg Boss will be revolutionary and inspirational.

Shivani Kumari's Career

Shivani Kumari is a social media influencer. She is an actress, dancer, and short video creator. Shivani began her career with TikTok in 2019. At the time the Indian government banned TikTok, she had almost 5 million followers. Subsequently, in 2020, Shivani started uploading her videos on YouTube and Instagram, and she amassed millions of followers there as well. Additionally, she uploads videos on the Tiki app. Shivani speaks in a quintessential rustic style in her videos, which is very much appreciated by her fans.

The Story of Shivani Kumari: The Poor Village Girl Who Entered Bigg Boss season 3

Bought a Mobile with School Fee Money

In her interview, Shivani mentioned that while she was in high school, her mother gave her 7,000 rupees for school fees. However, Shivani didn't pay the fees at school. Instead, she combined 1,500 rupees from her pocket money and bought a mobile phone. She started making videos secretly. One of her videos, in which she said "Hello friends," went so viral that it was viewed by 60 million people.

Shivani's Family

In Shivani's family, she has three older sisters. Her mother raised her children by working as a private nurse. Let me inform you that Shivani Kumari's father has passed away. When Shivani Kumari's father died, she was just one year old. Shivani Kumari, coming from a middle-class family, has carved out a unique identity for herself even in her small village. She passed her intermediate exams, enrolled in a graduate program, and has now completed her graduation.

Shivani Kumari's Boyfriend / Husband

If you are curious about who Shivani Kumari's boyfriend or husband is, let me tell you that Shivani Kumari was rumored to be associated with TikTok star Rishav. However, Shivani Kumari herself has stated in an interview that she does not have a boyfriend and is currently single. Shivani Kumari is focusing on her dreams and career. Whenever we get any information about her relationships, we will update you. As of now, Shivani Kumari does not have a boyfriend.

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Shivani Kumari Buys a Car with Her Earnings

We are pleased to inform you that TikTok star Shivani Kumari purchased a TATA NEXON car with her earnings in July 2022. If you want to watch videos related to Shivani Kumari's car, you can visit her YouTube channel. Shivani Kumari has shared all the details about her car.

Shivani Kumari's WhatsApp Number

Let me inform you that, for security reasons, no social media star shares their mobile number or WhatsApp number on social media. Similarly, Shivani has not shared any of her numbers on social media or in videos. Therefore, there is no information available regarding her WhatsApp number. If you need to contact her for any reason, you can do so through her social media channels, links to which are provided above.

Shivani Kumari's YouTube Channel

Shivani Kumari also has an official YouTube channel where she uploads her daily vlogs. Let me tell you that people really like Shivani Kumari's way of speaking, and her videos receive a lot of views. Shivani Kumari has over 3 million subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Shivani Kumari's Caste

Many of you might be curious about Shivani Kumari's caste. Let me tell you that Shivani Kumari belongs to the Kushwaha caste. However, the caste or religion of any star does not matter. Shivani Kumari is a follower of the Hindu religion, but she respects all religions and people from all faiths.

Shivani Kumari's Career So Far

Shivani comes from a very low-middle-class farmer family in the village. She started making videos on TikTok and, due to her beautiful appearance, gained millions of followers. Currently, she has established herself as a successful YouTuber and social media influencer with millions of followers on YouTube and Instagram. Her videos can be viewed on YouTube.

Controversies and Rumors Related to Shivani Kumari

Many people have always claimed that Shivani refuses to meet fans unless they bring her a gift. Such claims have often branded her as arrogant. In response, Shivani dismisses these claims, saying that no one has ever jokingly said such a thing about her. Unfortunately, these rumors have gained traction, and people are now believing them. Strangely, she continues to respond to comments from those who are actively involved in spreading gift-related rumors.

When talking about arrogance, it is important to remember that we cannot criticize a 22-year-old girl who has never stepped outside her village for her achievements. Before forming an opinion, it is important to acknowledge that she has now gained an understanding of the world as she has stepped outside.

Have you ever considered this? After losing her father in her first year of life, and as she grew older, she always heard from her mother that they didn't have a boy to carry on the family name. As she grew to understand more, she took on the responsibility of her studies and household chores, as her mother was her only support. If life has allowed her to do something, who are we to judge her?

This girl has never spoken against anyone, and her videos have never conveyed a wrong message. Yet, many people continue to leave negative comments on Shivani Kumari's videos.


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