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Portland Police's Serious Approach to Calls for 'Global Day of Jihad


Assessing the Threat: Local Authorities on Alert

Portland, Oregon - The Portland Police Bureau (PPB) is not taking any chances when it comes to a recent call for a 'global jihad' by a former Hamas leader. While there's no specific local threat, federal law enforcement agencies are urging the public to remain vigilant.

Former Hamas Leader's Global Call to Action

Khaled Marshal, a former leader of Hamas, recently issued a rallying cry for Muslims worldwide to stage a global day of protest against Israel on October 13. In a video statement obtained by Reuters, he called upon Muslims across the globe to "take to the squares and streets of the Arab and Islamic world on Friday."

Marshal specifically addressed his "brothers and sisters" in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt, urging them to show their support for Palestinians by participating in this global day of action. He also made a direct plea to Muslims residing in the countries surrounding Israel, emphasizing the critical nature of the moment and their responsibility in the face of current events.

Understanding 'Jihad' and the Context

The term 'jihad' holds significant weight in Islamic culture. It can be defined as "a struggle or fight against the enemies of Islam" and also as "the spiritual struggle within oneself against sin." In this context, it is being used to galvanize a coordinated response against perceived injustices.

This call to action coincided with Israel's announcement of an escalated response to an attack by Hamas, which included a ground offensive following airstrikes on more than 200 targets in Gaza City.

Public Reaction and Law Enforcement Preparedness

As news of the 'Global Day of Jihad' spread through media reports and social media channels, public awareness grew. Many online discussions centered around this topic, causing it to trend on platforms like Twitter.

Local and federal law enforcement officials have taken note of the situation and are urging the public to be extra vigilant. While there's no specific threat to Portland, authorities remain alert and ready to allocate resources should any concerns arise.

Given the ongoing Israel-Gaza conflict, there is a likelihood of spontaneous or planned events and protests that could affect traffic and public safety. Law enforcement agencies are emphasizing the importance of patience and recognizing the constitutional rights of peaceful protests.

Increased Security Measures Nationwide

It's not just Portland on high alert; law enforcement agencies across the United States are taking precautionary measures. The New York City Police Department, for instance, is increasing its uniformed presence throughout the city, with a focus on "large gatherings and cultural sites" to ensure public safety.

The Los Angeles Police Department is also intensifying patrols, particularly around Jewish and Muslim neighborhoods and institutions.

National Security Council Spokesman John Kirby acknowledged the threat during a White House Press Briefing, stating that the White House is aware of the situation.

Additionally, the FBI has addressed the potential for violence in the U.S. related to HAMAS attacks in Israel. Although there's no specific threat against the United States, the FBI noted that "foreign terrorist organizations and their supporters remain committed to attacking" Americans both domestically and abroad. This underscores the need for ongoing vigilance and preparedness among law enforcement and the public.

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